Gallery of Previous Works;

Small Spaces & Tricky Angles

In this section you can see some of the smaller jobs that we've undertaken, whether it's making he best use of a cupboard, a cosy room that needs tidying up or a staircase with angles that other plasterers might not want to tackle, at Rectilinear we've got you covered, not like one of our radio's though!

Taxi Office at Bookham Station

After years of neglect it's fair to say this property was in a sorry old state, we were called in to rectify the mess and get the walls straight, true and ready to paint.

When the walls and ceilings are literally falling apart in places we strip out the old damaged areas as much as needed before bonding, top coating and making good of all surfaces as you'll see in these pictures.

End Product: The Station Taxi Office at Bookham Station

Underside of Stair Edging

Sometimes the areas that get less attention day to day can be the trickier spaces to plaster, this underside of the staircase was no exception.

We had to rebuild corners and ensure that the edges all met nicely before we could get any plaster over the surfaces.

Once complete it really smartened up the staircase and we left it clean and tidy ready for the next people to come along and do their work.

Project Staircase Complete

Best Cupboard in Surrey

We were called in to help tidy up the unused space hidden underneath the stairs and in a large cupboard area, the client now wishing to fully utilise all available space during some renovations, it had been a dumping ground that didn't get much of a thought up until then.


The problems we were faced with here was crumbly and blown plaster that was quite oldĀ  corners that were smashed to pieces and some tricky angles to tackle in tight spaces.

Finished Product: Best Cupboard in Surrey

En Suite Revamp

For this job the client had been on a bit of a renovation campaign in their house, modernising the areas stage by stage whilst still wanting to live in the property so we had to minimise impact on their day to day living.

This element of the work we managed to turnaround in less a than a day, managing to work around the other trades to ensure this shower space was rebuilt, plastered and ready for use again as soon as possible.

En Suite Revamp Complete